Indian PM to undergo heart surgery

Foreign minister to stand in for Manmohan Singh, who will be off-duty for several weeks.

    Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian foreign minister, is expected to stand in as acting prime minister [AP]

    Singh is due to lead the ruling Congress party into general elections in May, but fears over his health could undermine a re-election campaign.

    The prime minister has had a history of heart problems.

    Singh underwent bypass surgery in 1990 in the UK, and had an angioplasty in 2003.

    Officials said he also underwent wrist surgery in 2006, prostate-gland surgery and a cataract-removal procedure last year.

    Deepak Sandhu, Singh's spokeswoman, said he will undergo "coronary artery bypass graft surgery", performed by a team of doctors.

    The doctors come from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences - the county's premier state-run hospital - and the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai, she said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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