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Afghan bomb hits US-led forces

Military acknowledges loss of three soldiers and claims to have killed 18 fighters.

     Violence in Afghanistan has surged to its worst level this year, resulting in 4,000 deaths [File: AFP]

    'Fighters killed'

    In the southern Uruzgan province, a US air strike killed 15 fighters on Wednesday, including a Taliban commander, another statement said.

    The men were killed near a riverbed in Deh Rawood district, away from local villages, it said.

    Three other men were killed inside a cave in the Bala Buluk district of Farah, a western province, during a raid on Wednesday by US and Afghan troops, the US military said.

    In Kandahar, meanwhile, a bomb placed on a donkey hit a police vehicle patrolling west of the provincial capital on Thursday, killing an officer and wounding two other people, Sadullah Khan, a police officer, said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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