Scores killed in Pakistan bombing

Suicide bomber targets gathering of tribal elders in northwest of the country.

    The attack took place at a meeting of tribal elders [AFP]

    According to Khalid Khan, a local administration official, hundreds of elders from five tribes had gathered at a jirga - a traditional tribal council - to discuss "efforts to check growing Taliban activity in the area".
    Khan also said the elders and local officials had finished their talks when the bomb exploded.
    He said: "There were heavy casualties - we are shifting them to  Peshawar."

    Violent region

    The town of Darra Adam Khel had recently become a stronghold of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a pro-Taliban movement said to have links to al-Qaeda.

    In January, Pakistani forces mounted a major offensive to defeat fighters who had occupied a major road tunnel in the area.

    At least 13 soldiers and 50 fighters were killed in the heavy fighting.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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