Musharraf confirmed as president

Musharraf's presidential election victory confirmed following Pakistan court ruling.

    Musharraf was chosen by parliament for a new term in October, but the results had been challenged [EPA]
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    The Pakistani leader was chosen by parliament for a new term in October, but the country's supreme court put a hold on results while it examined complaints that the constitution banned military officers from contesting presidential ballots.
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    The supreme court, manned with judges appointed by Musharraf,  on Thursday dismissed the final legal challenges to Musharraf's re-election, paving the way for him to take a new oath of office as a civilian president.
    Rashid Qureshi, a spokesman for Musharraf, said he could not give a date when that would happen but promised it would not be long.
    "Once the notification is issued there will be no delay on the  president's side," he said.
    The court on Friday endorsed Musharraf's emergency rule, citing the president's own justification arguments almost word for word, though it also urged him to lift the measure "at the earliest".
    Becoming a civilian leader would meet a major demand of other world powers, which have criticised Musharraf for imposing the state of emergency.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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