Russian spacecraft lands safely

Soyuz capsule drifts 340km away from planned landing site due to 'computer glitch'.

    The Soyuz craft was carrying Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia's first space traveller [AFP]

    Anatoly Perminov, Russian Space Agency chief, said space officials "experienced a few tense moments," but said the crew was in good condition.

    "All crew members have been recovered and they are feeling quite well," Perminov said at a news conference at mission control.

    The Soyuz's different path on descent was apparently due to a computer glitch and the cosmonauts were subjected to higher than normal gravity load on their descent, Lyndin said.

    A similar problem occurred in May 2003 when the crew experienced a steep, off-course landing.

    Salvage crews located that spacecraft after several hours of searching.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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