Serial blasts claim lives in Nepal

Five explosions in Kathmandu end lull in violence, killing at least two people.

    The last reported bomb attack in Kathmandu was at a police post in April 2006 [AFP]

    He said one of the blasts was outside a university campus and another was at a bus stand in a busy part of the city centre.
    Landmark deal

    he last reported bomb attack in Kathmandu was at a police post in April 2006, just before the former rebel Maoists entered a landmark peace deal with the government after a decade of war against the monarchy.

    Political parties formed a new government in April 2006 marking the end of 14 months of King Gyanendra's direct rule.

    The rebels and the new government reached a pact in November that paved the way for the Maoists to join parliament in early 2007.

    Both parties have pledged to campaign in polls scheduled for late November to elect a constituent assembly and rewrite the constitution, including the role of the monarchy.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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