Afghan district chief assassinated

Three of the leader's children were also killed in the attack.

    Policemen look at a damaged car 
    at the site of the attack [AFP]

    Kaka had a home in Kandahar, but was the administration chief of Zhari district just west of the southern city.
    Some of the worst violence since the US overthrew the country's Taliban government in 2001, including attacks on international troops with the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf), has taken place in Zhari.
    Five civilians have also been killed in fighting between Nato troops and Taliban fighters in the east of Afghanistan on Friday.
    The troops hit a roadside bomb and then came under small-arms fire and mortar fire, a Nato statement said.
    The force did not give the location of the incident.
    Five Afghans were killed in the shooting, and three more wounded, Nato said. Two Taliban fighters were also hurt.
    Fighting against the Afghan government and the foreign troops has risen in the country in the past 19 months, making it the deadliest period since 2001.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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