Building topples in Azerbaijan city

Rescue workers dig for up to 15 survivors under the rubble.

    Lifting gear was brought in to assist
    in the rescue attempt [Reuters]

    Heavy equipment arrived to dismantle the wreckage and the rescue operation was expected to continue throughout the night.
    Television channels showed a truck parked nearby that had been crushed by a wall of debris.
    Azerbaijan's ANS television quoted a source in the prosecutor's office as saying 22 people were in the building when it went down, but at least seven of them had been rescued.
    In a conflicting account, an emergencies service spokesman said that contractors believed four or five people could still be trapped under the rubble.
    The capital of Azerbaijan, an oil-producing ex-Soviet republic, is in the middle of a construction boom with high-rise buildings going up across the city which lies on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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