Deaths in northwest Pakistan clash

At least thirty-five Islamist fighters and two Pakistani soldiers have been killed.

    Islamist fighters were killed when they attacked a military checkpoint in North Waziristan [AFP]

    'Irresponsible' comments

    The US has said that it would not rule out unilateral attacks in Pakistan's Afghan border areas where pro-Taliban tribal leaders have influence.

    On Monday, Pakistan said that US threats of possible strikes against targets within Pakistani territory were "ill-conceived", "irresponsible and dangerous".

    Tasnim Aslam, foreign ministry spokeswoman, said: "We have stated in the clearest terms that any attack inside our territory would be unacceptable.

    "We do not want our efforts to be undermined by any ill-conceived action from any quarter that is inconsistent with the principles of international law and would be deeply resented in the tribal areas and generally in Pakistan."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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