Civilians killed in Afghanistan

Nato says building was bombed as its forces were battling Taliban fighters.

    Nato said it bombed a building as it battled
    Taliban fighters near the border [AFP]
    The incident is the latest in a rising number that have seen civilians killed or injured in crossfire in the country.
    According to the Associated Press, 399 civilians were killed between January 1 and June 23, 203 of whom are thought to have been killed as a result of Nato action, 178 by Taliban fighters.
    Over the weekend, Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's president, denounced the Taliban for killing civilians, but also expressed outrage at the incidents involving Nato.
    Separately, a bomb attack and gun battles across Afghanistan killed seven Afghan security forces and 15 suspected fighters, while a district the Taliban took over last week was recaptured in the volatile south, officials said on Monday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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