Bangladesh disaster toll rises

Toll from landslides and storms exceeds 130 with recovery of five more bodies.

     Emergency officials expect to find more
    bodies from the mounds of mud [AFP]

    Five more bodies were recovered on Wednesday.


    The landslides, triggered by several days of continuous monsoon rains, struck early on Monday as people in the city of 1.5 million slept.


    Officials said 119 bodies had been recovered from under the mud, while 10 people also died in lightning strikes during severe storms. One person was electrocuted in floodwaters.


    Rains which hampered the search for victims had stopped and floodwaters have receded from most parts of Chittagong.


    The army had provided tents inside the city's cantonment, or military district, to house about 300 people made homeless by the landslides, officials said.


    Experts have said that landslides are an inevitable consequence of the common practice of levelling hills for housing in Chittagong.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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