Six Afghan police die in road blast

Police killed in south Afghanistan, while foreign troops are attacked in the east.

    The Taliban has stepped up attacks in recent weeks following a traditional winter lull in fighting

    Nato denial

    However, officials with Nato's international security assistance force and the US-led coalition said none of their troops were hurt.

    Nato and the coalition have nearly 50,000 troops in Afghanistan.

    Ousted from government by US-led forces in 2001, the Taliban says it has trained hundreds of suicide bombers to carry out attacks.

    A British soldier was killed early on Saturday during a mission to clear a Taliban compound on the outskirts of Garmsir in Helmand province.

    Nato said last week that 85 people, including 40 civilians, had been killed during the first 23 days of May by improvised explosive devices, a favourite tactic of the Taliban.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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