Tamil Tiger air force hits Colombo

Anti-aircraft guns open fire in blacked-out capital during cricket world cup final.

    The Sri Lankan military had stepped up security on the night of the cricket world cup final [Reuters]

    "The Tamileelam air force bombed two facilities that supply fuel to the Sri Lankan military, especially their air force," Rasiah Ilanthirayan, a rebel spokesman said by telephone from the Tiger stronghold of Kilinochchi in the north of the country.
    "The two squadrons returned safely after the mission and the pilots have confirmed that they have hit the targets."
    The rebels who are fighting for a separate Tamil homeland in the Indian Ocean island nation which they refer to as Tamileelam.
    Capital blacked out
    The Sri Lankan military did not officially confirm the incident but said that Colombo's air defence system was activated and anti-aircraft guns were fired.

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    The roar of the Tigers

    In addition, the country's only international airport, an adjoining air force base and the entire capital were blacked out after the military detected unknown aircraft approaching Colombo.

    "We are doing some air missions, we are investigating ," Ajantha Silva, an air force spokesman, said.
    The Tamil Tiger air force, which consists of two converted civilian aircraft, carried out their first ever air-raid in March when they attacked an airforce facilty north of Colombo.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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