Hasina extortion charge denied

Party of former Bangladeshi PM dismisses businessman's case as a "blatant lie".

    Hasina is currently on a private visit to the US [AFP]

    Tajul Islam Faruk alleged to police that Hasina had extorted about $436,000 from him.

    "The case alleged that Hasina compelled the management of a private power plant to pay the amount in phases from 1998 to 2001, otherwise threatening to stop the operation of the company," Mohammad Jashim, a police officer said, reading out the complaint.

    Tajul had a stake in the power plant, although further details of his involvement were not immediately available.

    "This is baseless and a blatant lie. We will fight it as per legal provisions," the Awami League rebuttal said.

    Hasina, 60, is currently on a private visit to the US, but could be detained on her return.

    That return was scheduled for April 22, but party officials said on Tuesday she might come back earlier.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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