Son of ex-Bangladesh PM arrested

Tareque Rahman and several other politicians detained in corruption investigation.

    Khaleda Zia handed over power to an interim government after her term ended in October [AFP]
    Tareque was detained at his mother's house inside the Dhaka military barracks, where they have been living since Khaleda's husband, former President General Ziaur Rahman, was killed during an attempted coup in May 1981.

    "Military-led security forces arrested Tareque Rahman from his home. He is now under their custody," a police officer told AFP news agency.

    'Crime and corruption'

    "Military-led security forces arrested Tareque Rahman from his home. He is now under their custody"

    Police officer

    Graft allegations against Tareque have been widespread in Bangladesh's media and one critic described him as "the epicentre of crime and  corruption".

    Power has been handed to a military-backed interim government until elections can be held later in the year.

    The government, headed by Fakhruddin Ahmed, former head of the central bank, has vowed to clean up corruption before setting a date for the next election.

    Polling was originally scheduled for January 22 but was postponed indefinitely in the wake of weeks of violence between BNP and opposition Awami League activists that killed 45 people and injured hundreds.

    Scores arrested

    In the past few weeks, security forces have arrested more than 150 politicians, including more than a dozen former ministers, on charges of corruption.
    They are being held in jail pending a full investigation of the charges against them.

    Mainul Husein, a legal adviser to the interim government, said earlier this week that many more people were on a "wanted" list prepared by the law-enforcing agencies.
    "Anyone found to be involved in corruption in any way will not be spared," he said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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