Dozens die in Pakistan landslide

At least 31 people feared dead after three homes swept away in Pakistani Kashmir.

    Pakistani residents rescue a man from flood waters near Muzaffarabad [AFP]
    Ten members of one family died when their home collapsed under a landslide in Bagh, a town farther south, police officer Mohammed Liaqat said.
    The officials said villagers pulled 15 injured people from the rubble in Doba Sayedan and were digging for seven others feared trapped under debris.
    Millions displaced
    Heavy rain and snow has fallen over the past few days across the mountains of northern Pakistan where a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck in October 2005.
    The villages are in a vast swath of mountains devastated by the earthquake that also displaced more than three million people.
    Most people in the area still live in temporary shelters.

    The quake destabilised many of the steep valley sides, making them more vulnerable to landslides in weather like the torrential rains that fell over northern Pakistan on Monday and continued on Wednesday.

    Liaqat said a police rescue team left Tuesday for Doba Sayedan, but was held up by other landslides blocking the road.

    Nazir said that army troops were heading to the area on foot, and that the military would send a helicopter to evacuate the injured once the weather improved.

    Doba Sayedan is located close to the Line of Control, the cease-fire line that divides Kashmir into its Indian- and Pakistani-controlled parts.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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