Child killed in Afghan bomb blast

Blast targeting a Canadian convoy also injures a Nato soldier and three civilians.

    Canadian soldiers operate largely in the southern Kandahar province [AP]

    Highway attack



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    "We should remove the troops and send aid instead.  Afgans should be feeding themselves and learn that Taliban in really not the answer"

    Bainatluc, Canada

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    Those wounded by the blast on the main highway included two children from the same family as the dead boy, said Ghulma Hazrat, a police officer at the scene.


    "One ISAF soldier suffered minor injuries," Isaf said in a statement.


    The main road, known as Highway One, is the main link between western Afghanistan and Kandahar.


    The highway has seen several attacks in the past  months, including suicide bombings by Taliban fighters opposed to the Isaf presence and the Afghan government.


    Taliban fighters have been blamed for most of nearly 140 suicide bombings last year, which killed hundreds of people, mainly civilians.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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