Afghan police die in Taliban ambush

Attack in Kandahar province kills four officers and seriously wounds three others.

    Police are a regular target for Taliban fighters [EPA] 

    Canadian and US special forces are currently working to increase security in the area.
    More Afghan security checkpoints have been set up, a new road is being built, and schools and clinics are reopening.
    Gun battle
    In nearby Helmand province, suspected Taliban fighters attacked a convoy of Nato and Afghan troops on Friday.
    Ghulam Nabi Malakhail, a provincial police chief, said the ambush sparked a four-hour gunbattle that left 11 Taliban dead.
    The Taliban took their dead fighters off the battlefield, but Malakhail said officials learned of how many had died through intelligence contacts.
    On Saturday a suicide attacker detonated an explosives-filled vehicle near a Nato convoy in southern Afghanistan, missing the foreign soldiers by metres but causing no casualties, police said.
    The man blew up his car bomb as he tried to get close to an international security assistance force (ISAF) ] convoy around 10km east of Kandahar city.
    The attacker was blown to pieces and body parts were flung across the area, as was his shattered vehicle. Andre Salloum, a captain and ISAF spokesman in Kandahar, confirmed the attack.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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