China-Pakistan defence deal signed

Beijing will also continue to help Pakistan produce nuclear power.

    Beijing is the leading supplier of military
    hardware to Pakistan

    Hu also signed a five-year free trade pact on Friday with General Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani president, which is expected to triple trade to $15bn.
    Beijing has maintained a close relationship by helping Islamabad build nuclear power plants and a deep-sea port.
    China helped Pakistan set up a nuclear power plant in the 1990s.
    The aviation deals involve the Pakistan Air Force and CETC, a Chinese aviation company, working together on China's airborne early warning system.
    Another Chinese company,

    CATIC, will deliver the first eight JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft jointly

    developed with Pakistan.


    The announcements came just a day after Hu arrived in the Pakistani capital following a trip to India.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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