UN chief calls for more aid to Philippines

Ban-ki moon says the country risks being another "forgotten crisis", urging the international community to do more.

    UN chief calls for more aid to Philippines
    The typhoon cannot become another "forgotten crisis", Ban-ki moon has said. [Reuters]

    The United Nations Secretary-General has warned of a "forgotten crisis" in the Philippines and urged the international community to increase its aid to the typhoon-stricken country.

    Ban Ki-moon made the plea in Manila after a meeting with key ambassadors on Sunday.

    He told reporters after a three-day visit to the country that the UN supported Philippine reconstruction efforts and improving resilience to natural disasters.

    The UN is raising $791m for a year-long recovery plan while the Philippine government has separately launched a four-year $8.17bn reconstruction plan.

    He said he was inspired and moved by his visit on Saturday to Tacloban city, one of the most deeply affected areas.

    "People are working hard to recover,"he said. "We must not allow this to be another forgotten crisis."

    Building back better and safer

    Typhoon Haiyan struck central Philippines on November 8 to kill at least 6,100 people and leave almost 1,800 others missing.

    Powerful winds and surging waters flattened entire villages, destroying more than one million homes and injuring 27,000 people.

    Ban called on donors "to add to their already generous response so that we can help communities to build back better and safer."

    The Philippine government initially had to defend its efforts to deliver assistance to typhoon victims.

    The scale of the devastation meant that many of those affected received little or no helps a week after the disaster.



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