Taiwan struck by strong earthquake

Quake measuring 6.3 hits island, rattling capital and killing one mountain climber.

    Buildings in Taipei were rocked by the earthquake [AP]
    Buildings in Taipei were rocked by the earthquake [AP]

    A magnitude 6.3 earthquake has struck Taiwan, killing one and triggering a gas explosion, officials say.

    The powerful quake sent people running into the streets and was also felt in Hong Kong. Taiwan's Seismology Centre said the quake was centered 32km east of central Nantou country at a depth of 10km.

    The National Fire Agency said a male mountain climber was killed after being hit by falling rocks on Mount Ali in central Taiwan.

    Taiwan television said the quake triggered a gas explosion in the centre of the island but it gave no details.

    The quake also rattled the island's capital of Taipei. "The house was shaking but nothing fell," said one resident of the city.

    An earthquake of such a magnitude can cause severe damage. The island sits near the so-called ring of fire region of 
    seismic activity around the Pacific Ocean.

    An earthquake earlier struck the southern Philippines, damaging dozens of houses and injuring at least nine people.



    SOURCE: Agencies


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