Australia warns Facebook users

Police urge people to take personal details off social networking websites after murder.

    Australian police are urging teenagers to take their personal details off social networking websites, after an 18-year-old woman was murdered.

    Police believe teenager Nona Belomesoff befriended her killer through the Facebook website.

    Belomesoff's body was found on May 14, two days after she embarked on an excursion with a man she met on the website, who told her that they were going to rescue hurt animals.

    Christopher James Dannevig, the 20-year-old man charged with the murder, is alleged to have established a fake Facebook profile and claimed on it to work for an animal welfare organisation.

    He is believed to have offered Belomesoff a job and to have encouraged her to take the camping trip with him.

    Belomesoff's body was later found at a creek south of Sydney.

    But as Al Jazeera's Alison Rourke reports from Sydney, many teenagers are oblivious to the risks going online can bring.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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