Flash flood kills hikers in China | News | Al Jazeera

Flash flood kills hikers in China

At least 14 people swept away after heavy rains flood gorge in country's southwest.

    Five hikers are still missing after the flash flood swept through the Tanzhangxia canyon [AFP]

    Hikers missing

    Sixteen hikers have been rescued, five of whom were taken to hospital with minor injuries, Xinhua said.

    More than 1,900 police officers, soldiers, medics and local residents are searching the area for the five hikers still missing, it said.

    More than 100 deaths have been attributed to the monsoon-like conditions in southern and central China since the start of the rainy season in April.

    Officials say more severe weather may be on the way, as the peak of the wet season nears.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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