Fasting Chen in Taiwan hospital

Former president suffers dehydration after hunger strike protesting his detention.

    Chen was indicted last year on corruption charges which he says are politically motivated [AFP]

    He has repeatedly rejected the charges, saying he is being politically persecuted by Ma Ying-jeou, the current president, for his anti-China views.

    He was indicted in November and is standing trial on charges of embezzling $3.15m from a special presidential fund while in power, receiving bribes worth at least $9m and laundering some of those funds.

    On Wednesday, he was indicted on further charges. Prosecutors accused him of taking the equivalent of $8.8m in bribes between 2002 and 2005 from a local banker.

    They allege that the money was camouflaged as either political donations or funds to promote Taiwanese interests overseas.

    Chen faces life in prison if convicted.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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