Indonesia crash pilot jailed

Judge says pilot ignored speed warnings ahead of 2007 crash that killed 21 people.

    The Garuda Indonesia 737 burst into flames after crash-landing at Yogyakarta airport [Reuters]

    High speed

    Komar has said he will appeal
    the verdict [EPA]

    Komar had attempted to land the Garuda Airlines Boeing 737 at high speed at Yogyakarta airport on March 7.

    But the plane burst into flames after skidding into rice fields on the side of the airport runway.

    Komar, who wore his pilot's uniform in court despite being fired from the national flag carrier over the crash, told the court he would appeal the verdict.

    The pilot maintained at his trial faulty wing flaps were to blame for the jet's excessive airspeed as it came in to land.

    However a report by an Indonesian safety committee found that he had ignored 15 automatic warnings telling him he was coming in too fast.

    Prosecutors had demanded he be jailed for at least four years.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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