Singer charged over Thai club fire

Band's vocalist accused of negligence after allegedly lighting fireworks indoors.

    Police say that the fire started after a band
    member set off fireworks indoors

    Shareholder held

    Wisuth Setsawat, the club's main shareholder, surrendered to police after a court issued a warrant for his arrest.

    He has since been charged with violating safety regulations resulting in deaths and for allowing people into the premises who were under-age.

    Setsawat faces up to 10 years in jail if found guilty of the charges, all of which he has denied.

    Suriya Ritrabue, the club manager, is on the run from police investigators.

    The Santika Club, which popular with young Thais, tourists and expatriates, was celebrating its final night at its location when the fire broke out.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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