Tropical storm lashes Philippines

At least 12 people killed and thousands of homes damaged in northeastern provinces.

    Many areas remained without power after the storm's powerful winds toppled electrical posts [AFP]
    Around 35,000 people were affected by the storm and some areas lost electricity after its strong winds toppled electric posts and tripped power lines.
    Homes swamped
    Amado Espino, the governor of Pangasinan, said: "It would take at least a month to restore 100 per cent power in my province."
    He said about $3.7 million worth of crops such as rice and vegetables were destroyed by floods and hundreds of houses were damaged by strong winds.
    In nearby Zambales province, troops were sent to help evacuate hundreds of people from coastal villages after huge waves swept away dozens of houses.
    Landslides and floods are common in the Philippines, which faces about 20 typhoons each year.
    About 1,200 people were killed when flash floods rampaged through low-lying areas in Legaspi City in the east in 2006.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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