Olympic torch scales Everest

Specially designed torch's ascent of world's highest peak shrouded in secrecy.

    China hopes the ascent will counter the bad publicity surrounding protests on the torch relay [Reuters]

    The Everest leg was largely held amid great secrecy, largely to deter protesters who have criticised the event as symbolising China's domination over Tibet.


    The Everest flame is separate from the main Olympic torch, which on Thursday was on the opposite side of China, in the southeastern province of Guangdong.


    The main flame will cross every region and province of China, returning to Beijing on August 6, two days before the opening ceremony for the Games.


    The 19-member team that made the six-hour climb from the last camp at 8,300 metres to the 8,850-metre peak comprised ethnic Han Chinese and Tibetan members, state media reported.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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