Scores die in Indonesia landslide

At least 65 people are killed as torrential rains cause havoc in the island of Java.

    The landslide followed 12 hours of heavy rainfall [AFP]

    Rescue workers and police were struggling to reach the affected areas as roads were cut off by floods following the rains, Syahroni, a provincial police spokesman said.
    In video

    Indonesians struggle against extreme conditions

    Heavy machinery and police reinforcements have been sent to affected areas to help with the recovery and find bodies.
    "We expect the number of victims to increase," Syahroni said. Landslides have been an increasingly common occurrence in recent years in Indonesia.
    Deforestation has meant that there is little vegetation to hold soil during the country's tropical downpours.
    It is a particular problem in densly populated Java, where many people live on flood plains and near rivers.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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