China typhoon losses top $1bn

As Krosa wreaked havoc, Typhoon Lekima leaves Vietnam with 77 dead.

    Krosa forced the evacuation of 1.6 million people, but there were no reported deaths or injuries [EPA]

    Another 460 million yuan ($61m) was the estimated damage in Fujian, state news agency Xinhua said.


    Over the weekend, Krosa forced the evacuation of 1.6 million people, but there were no reported deaths or injuries.


    The storm killed five people on Taiwan over the weekend as it knocked out power to 2.2 million homes and businesses and drenched the island, according to disaster relief officials.


    More deaths


    Meanwhile, Vietnam's death toll from floods and landslides triggered by Typhoon Lekima rose to 77, with 11 bodies found and another 11 people still reported missing or feared dead.


    Vietnamese officials are expecting to find
    more dead bodies [EPA]

    Officials said the toll was likely to increase as rescuers tried to reach remote areas that lay isolated for nearly a week.


    Lekima, packing winds of up to 130km per hour, hit Vietnam's central provinces last Wednesday.


    Tran Gia Danh, an official in the worst-hit Nghe An province that reported 23 deaths, said five people remain missing.


    Late on Monday in Thanh Hoa, three more bodies were recovered, bringing the death toll in the province to 17.


    Nguyen Van Hoa, a disaster official there, said two people were reported missing.


    Also on Monday, the bodies of three people were found in the northern province of Ninh Binh, where the toll from floods stood at four, Vu Nam Tien, a provincial official, said.


    In Son La province, authorities found two additional bodies on Monday.


    Cam Van, a provincial official, said floods and landslides killed at least 10 people with one person still missing.


    The provinces of Hoa Binh and Yen Bai each reported recovering a drowned body on Tuesday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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