Police search Australia train wreck

At least 11 killed in collision between truck and train at remote rail crossing.

    The crash has raised safety questions over
    railway crossings without barriers [AFP]

    Eight of the injured remained in hospital on Wednesday, several with critical injuries.


    The truck driver survived the accident and is being interviewed by the police.


    Brian Frichot, who witnessed the accident, said: "It was like someone had dropped a bomb next to the train.

    "Where the truck had hit it, it just ripped the side clean out of it, torn all the seats away from the floor, packed it all back into the corner."


    The driver of the truck survived the crash and is being questioned by police [GALLO/GETTY]

    The accident has raised questions about the safety of thousands of rail crossings in the country.


    Most of them, like the one at Kerang, do not have barrier gates but warn drivers of approaching trains with flashing lights and bells.

    Rail safety campaigner John Hennessey said "just putting up bells and lights is a recipe for disaster".

    SOURCE: Agencies


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