Wen hails Japan visit 'success'

Chinese premier says landmark Japan tour has helped thaw relations.

    Wen said he hoped for a new era in relations with Japan with forgetting the past [AFP]

    The visit to Kyoto came a day after Wen addressed the Japanese parliament, saying thw two countries should work together but urging Japan not to forget its wartime aggression.
    "Many Japanese people have said that the objective of the ice-melting trip has been achieved," Wen said before leaving for Kyoto.

    Wen ended the visit taking part in a university
    baseball game [GALLO/GETTY]

    However, Japan's Kyodo News agency quoted Wen as adding: "I cannot say all problems have been solved. We need more time."
    Much of Wen's trip was laden with broad statements of goodwill, but offered little in the way of concrete solutions to the two countries' enduring conflicts over wartime history and maritime territory.
    Wen said discussions with Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, had been "friendly, frank and practical".
    "We reached broad consensus, especially on building a strategic mutually beneficial relationship, and clarified its meaning and responsibilities."
    Wen said he had met a cross-section of Japanese society, all expressing a wish for better relations.
    "I feel that the Chinese and Japanese people are the same," he said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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