Chinese couple lose home to mall

Three-year standoff with developer ends as home is demolished.

    Earthmovers demolished the couple's
    home late on Monday night [Reuters]
    The house sat in the centre of a 10-m deep pit dug by the developer of the shopping centre.
    The couple was one of 280 households ordered to leave the area earmarked for redevelopment in Chongqing, a city of 28 million.

    The couple had stood their ground against
    developers for three years [Reuters]

    All their neighbours accepted compensation offered by the developers.
    The wife, Wu, had been tirelessly meeting local and foreign media in recent weeks to publicise their case.
    The couple was offered $258,000 in compensation or two higher floors in the planned complex.
    Wu said she turned down both offers because she wanted lower levels in the new building so she could run her restaurant.
    The couple demanded $600,000 to relocate.
    The demolition was witnessed by dozens of reporters and residents on Monday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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