China 'birdman' crash-lands

Self-taught pilot breaks chin and leg after crash-landing in home-made aircraft.

    Birdman competitions take place every year all around the world [GALLO/GETTY] 

    'Engine not damaged'

    Li was quoted as saying: "Luckily the engine was not damaged and I will continue flying until I can make a perfect landing."

    The shattered aircraft, aluminium-framed and 6.5 meters long with a wingspan of 9.2 metres, cost $3,883.

    He said: "I want a perfect landing in my own self-made plane."

    Li said that he was willing to risk his life to achieve his lifelong dream.

    Private pilots in China must apply to aviation authorities for permission to fly, but the report said many amateurs like Li fly without permission in sparsely populated rural areas.

    On Sunday, a private aircraft crashed into a rural courtyard in the eastern province of Shandong, killing the amateur pilot.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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