Koreas to resume peace talks

South Korea says nuclear deal could pave way to lasting peace on the peninsula.

    North and South Korea have remained technically at war since the conflict ended in 1953 [AP]
    "We will focus on resuming the ministerial talks at the earliest possible date," said Yang Chang-seok, spokesman for the South Korean Unification Ministry.
    The delegates will meet at the North Korean border city of Kaesong.
    South Korea intends to resume its offer of food and fertiliser aid to the North when full-scale talks reopen at a yet undisclosed date, Yoon Byeong-sei, Roh's security adviser said.
    A shipment for thousands of tonnes of fertiliser aid and rice was suspended after North Korea conducted a series of missile test-launches in July.
    During a visit to Spain, Roh said he expected a smooth implementation of the Beijing agreement particularly on resumption of talks "to discuss a permanent peace regime on the Korean peninsula".
    "Furthermore, the agreement calls for talks aimed at establishing a multilateral security co-operation system, in Northeast Asia, and this has a wide scope," he added.
    "All parties of the six-nation talks faithfully produced the agreements. Thus I expect that the agreements will be smoothly enforced in the future."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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