Malaysia PM warns bloggers

Abdullah says online content not protected from defamation or sedition laws.

    Abdullah: "Freedom without responsibility is anarchy" [AP]

    Abdullah was responding to a question on legal suits for alleged defamation filed by the state-controlled New Straits Times Press and four of its senior executives against two popular blogs, Screenshots and Rocky's Bru.
    Malaysia has been criticised for restricting debate and free expression, but the government, as it made a push into the information age in the 1990s, promised not to interfere with online content.
    The New Straits Times Press sued Jeff Ooi for defamation over 10 postings on his blog, Screenshots.
    It filed a similar lawsuit against Ahirudin Attan over 50 comments on the blog, Rocky's Bru.
    A Malaysian court will hear applications for an injunction against Ahirudin on Thursday, and against Ooi on January 30.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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