Thaksin blames rebels for blasts

Deposed Thai prime minister denies involvement in Bangkok bombings.

    Co-ordinated blasts on the New Year's Eve killed three and wounded 38 [AFP]



    "The government did not admit that it was the work of the militants in the south, because if the government did admit that, it would show the failure of their new 'olive branch' approach to the conflict," Thaksin said in the letter, released by his lawyer, Noppadon  Patama.


    "I used to tell security forces that the unrest in the south should be confined only to three provinces [on the southern border]. Otherwise it would spill over to Hat Yai and then Bangkok, and that would damage our country."


    Thaksin said he was prepared to return to Bangkok to defend himself against the accusation, as well as against corruption claims made by the military government.


    "I am ready to go back to hear the charges, and I am ready to fight every accusation against me," he said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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