Indonesian jet hunt narrows search

Searchers refocus efforts after discovery of debris from missing aircraft.

    Search and rescue officials believe the aircraft
    went down into the sea [Reuters]
    Aerial searches are also being stepped up to find any more floating debris.

    For relatives of the 102 passengers and crew it has
    been an anxious wait for news [Reuters] 

    "Search teams in the mountains have been pulled back and we have built new posts in Pare Pare," said First Air Marshal Eddy Suyanto, who is coordinating the search.
    "Marines are helping police and army scour beaches there."
    Al Jazeera correspondent Chan Tau Chou, who is in Sulawesi, said the discovery of wreckage at least appears to bring some of the uncertainty to an end for relatives of the flight's 102 passengers and crew.
    "The families are relieved because most of them have put the fate of their relatives, however bad it is, in God’s hands," said Fandi, a relative of one of the passengers on board the Adam Air flight.
    Indonesian navy vessels are being assisted by a US oceanographic ship, the Mary Sears, in an effort to locate the fuselage from the missing aircraft.
    The Mary Sears is analysing larger pieces of metal thought to be hundreds of meters down on the ocean floor, but the crew has not yet confirmed if it is the rest of the missing jet.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera + Agencies


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