Malaysia flood evacuees top 100,000

Relief centres in southern Johor state running low on space and food.

    Johor state has seen little relief from flooding
    since mid-December [AFP] 

    Kota Tinggi was inundated on Saturday, when the Johor river’s banks burst. Waters on Sunday rose to more than four metres, swallowing petrol stations and terrace houses, leaving only rooftops visible.
    Batu Pahat has been the worst affected district with 31,376 people from 7,016 families sheltered at 116 relief centres.

    Batu Pahat's 116 relief centres are housing
    more than 31,000 evacuees

    Many parts of Johor state lie in low-lying flat areas, making it susceptible to flooding from heavy rain.
    The meteorological department said the heavy rain was expected to continue until Monday and issued a red alert warning.
    The red alert is the highest of a three stage warning system and signals heavy monsoon rains and floods.
    Abdullah has estimated the losses so far to be around 100 million ringgit ($28.5 m).

    SOURCE: Agencies


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