Musharraf urges Muslim unity

Leaders of Pakistan and Indonesia urge Muslim countries to end Middle East violence.

    An official said Musharraf, left, and Susilo want to counter US influence in the region [Reuters]
    "There is no room for complacency because things are moving so fast, deteriorating so fast," the Pakistani president added.
    Musharraf, who next heads to Malaysia where he will meet Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the prime minister, said he was confident the yet-to-be created group would have a strong, important voice.
    "Since the West is looking and searching for methods and new ideas of bringing peace to the region, I think any new idea, any new initiative would be acceptable to them as long as it is workable," he said.
    Susilo said he was hopeful "greater dialogue and consultation between like-minded Muslim countries" would help reduce violence in the Middle East.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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