Police charged in sex-murder case

Two officers accused of killing model in sex scandal involving prominent analyst.

    Police found the model's bone fragments in a
    jungle on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur   

    Abdul Razak is known for his close links with the ruling party Umno and Najib Abdul Razak, the deputy prime minister, who set up a think-tank headed by Abdul Razak.
    Prosecutors say Abdul Razak conspired with the two policemen on October 18 to kill Altantuya but their relationship and the motive for the killing remain unknown.
    Abdul Razak's lawyer has said his client had no romantic ties with Altantuya, a model, teacher and translator.
    Last month, police found bone fragments in a jungle clearing on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur which DNA tests found to be Altantuya's.
    The murder has drawn a lot of attention due to its gruesome nature.
    Local media reported that Altantuya had been shot twice and her body blown up with C4 explosives.
    The prime minister and police chief have promised a thorough investigation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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