Fiji military arrests opponents

Coup leader declares emergency in the South Pacific nation, calls up army reserves.

    Fijian soldiers have begun rounding up
    opponents, including the acting police chief

    Check points were established around the city and the coup chief also recalled all military reserves to barracks to support the state of emergency, the Legend radio network reported.
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    "I don't think anyone can say that it is acceptable to allow anyone to overthrow a people's government just because they have the power to do so."

    Stuey, Canada

    Senators in the Fijian parliament moved a motion on Wednesday condemning the coup but before they could vote the sitting was interrupted by soldiers who took over the building, and the senate adjourned.
    Qarase, who was forcibly flown to his home island Vanua Balavu together with his wife before sunrise on Wednesday, called on Fijians to stand up for democracy, but to do it peacefully.
    The international community has condemned the coup – the fourth in 20 years.
    Australia and New Zealand imposed sanctions on Fiji's military and the United States suspended aid.
    The military chief has appointed a caretaker prime minister and said an interim administration would prepare Fiji for fresh elections, but has given no timetable.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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