For sale: Australian outback pub

The Birdsville hotel has attracted adventure tourists for more than a century.

    The owner has not named a price for Birdsville hotel

    Some patrons fly in — for a night of drinking — particularly in September when the town holds its spring races and the number of staff goes from six to 60. The town's population is around 100.
    "It’s a great business. Sometimes I almost tear my hair out thinking all roads lead to Birdsville, and on any given night there can be 300-400 people in the hotel," Jo Fort, the owner of the pub, said.
    Fort, a former nurse, met her builder husband at the hotel, where she arrived 27 years ago on an outback tour of Australia.
    Fort has not named a price but said: "There’s a few million dollars in bricks and mortar here, and that’s not counting the blood, sweat and tears."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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