Storm warning for flooded Malaysia

Malaysias worst floods in a century recede amid warnings of further storms.

    Meteorologists warn of extensive thunderstorms in eastern peninsula states through Sunday

    On Thursday an army rescue team found the dead bodies of a man and woman whose car had been swept away by currents.
    Three other bodies were recovered in Johor, the New Straits Times newspaper reported.
    Another report said a 61-year-old woman who fainted at her home died after floods prevented doctors from reaching her for more than 24 hours.
    Elsewhere some village homes on the peninsula's east coast were damaged by strong waves whipped up by storms, with more than 500 people fleeing their homes to rescue centres.
    The meteorological department has said it expects rains to ease on Friday over Johor, but that strong winds and rough seas with waves of up to 5.5. metres posed a risk to coastal and shipping activities and oil platform workers.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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