Thousands of Filipinos flee typhoon

Utor kills four and causes tens of thousands to flee their homes.

    Utor tore up power lines and communication links

    Utor tore up power lines and communication links in the central Philippines, including Cebu island, Leyte and the resort island of Boracay.
    A one-year-old girl was killed in Capiz province when a tree fell on to her house.
    A boy was killed after his boat capsized in central Roxas city. The boy’s mother and a 70-year-old man were reported missing.
    A boat operator from Boracay was killed after his vessel capsized.
    On Friday, the Philippines shelved a high-profile gathering of Asian leaders in Cebu until early January.
    Utor, a category 2 typhoon, is expected to strengthen to a category 4 by Tuesday as it skirts south of the Chinese island of Hainan.
    Utor is the fifth typhoon to hit the Philippines since September.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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