Malaysia braced for more floods

Emergency services prepare for monsoon surge and strong winds in southern states.

    Malaysia's southern states have experienced their worst flooding in a century [AFP]

    Food and medicine was delivered to thousands of people displaced by torrential week-long rains and rescuers have started to reach remote villages.


    Boats and helicopters were used to ferry aid to survivors in Aceh province, on Sumatra island's northern tip, where the toll climbed to 146, an official in the area said.


    At least 47 others were killed in neighbouring North Sumatra province.

    Looters charged
    Meanwhile, the New Straits Times reported that three teenagers had been charged with looting during the floods.

    Muhammad Fairuz Dollah, Mohamad Aminuddin Maskam and Mohamad Fauzi Talib, all aged 18, pleaded not guilty to stealing mobile phones from a shop in south Johor as it lay submerged on Saturday.
    Abdul Ghani Othman, the Johor chief minister, dismissed allegations that there was widespread looting in the state, telling the newspaper that police had received only 14 reports since the floods broke out, mostly involving the theft of goods from shops washed out by the rain.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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