Musicians honoured at 55th Grammy awards

Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys and Fun emerge as big winners during gala event in Los Angeles.

    Musicians honoured at 55th Grammy awards
    Mumford & Sons won the Grammy for album of the year for 'Babel' during an unpredictable awards night [Reuters]

    Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys and Fun have emerged as the big winners at the 55th annual Grammy music awards, which have been held in Los Angeles.

    Mumford & Sons wrapped up an unpredictable awards night with perhaps the most surprising win of the evening, taking home album of the year for 'Babel'.

    "We figured we weren't going to win anything because The Black Keys have been sweeping up all day, rightfully so,'' Marcus Mumford said while accepting the award on Sunday night.

    Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys ended up the night's top winner with four trophies, including producer of the year and three rock category victories with bandmate Patrick Carney.

    It was hardly a clean sweep for the band, though, as The Recording Academy's thousands of voters spread the love for the year's top singles.

    Fun. took home the award for best new artist, in something of an upset over R&B singer Frank Ocean, and also got song of the year for the anthem "We Are Young", featuring Janelle Monae.

    "I didn't think we were going to win this one," lead singer Nate Ruess said after the best new artist win.

    Gotye wins big

    Like Mumford & Sons, Gotye also defied pre-show predictions, taking the record of the year award for 2012's top-selling single "Somebody That I Used To Know", featuring New Zealand's Kimbra. The pair finished with three awards.

    Prince, wearing a hood and sunglasses and carrying a sparkly silver cane, presented him with the record of the year trophy and the Australian paid tribute to Prince's influence.

    "A little bit lost for words, to receive an award from the man standing behind us with the cane," the Belgian-Australian Gotye said. "Many years listening to this man's music growing up and a big reason I was inspired to make music. Thank you."

    Jay-Z and Kanye West had three wins - sharing one award with Ocean - along with dubstep electronica star Skrillex, and a slew of nominees had two wins apiece, including former best new artist winner Esperanza Spalding.

    Ocean was shut out in the major categories, but took home two trophies, including best urban contemporary album. Only Chris Brown, with whom Ocean scuffled last month, remained seated as the 25-year-old R&B winner walked to the stage during a standing ovation.

    Ocean beat Brown, who attended with girlfriend Rihanna, in the category.

    The Black Keys took best rock performance for "Lonely Boy" during the main telecast and earlier in the day won best rock song for "Lonely Boy" and best rock album for "El Camino". Auerbach also got an assist - but no trophy - on New Orleans legend Dr. John's best blues album "Locked Down", which he produced.

    Other winners included Rihanna, Drake, Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Ravi Shankar, Quetzal, Arturo Sandoval, among others.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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