Wildfires continue to rage across western US

Millions of acres burned as wildfires destroy dozens of homes in Idaho, Oregon and California.

    Wildfires raging across several western states of the US have destroyed dozens of homes and scorched millions of acres of land, forcing thousands to flee their homes.

    After having spread across one million acres in Idaho, Oregon and California, a wildfire reached the small Washington state community of Elmer City on Thursday.

    Dozens of homes were destroyed as officials told more residents to evacuate parts of the northwestern US state.

    There have not yet been any reported injuries.

    Searing heat, dry weather, and strong winds are making the fires especially difficult to contain.

    Elsewhere in the western US, wildfires have destroyed homes and other buildings have been destroyed as hundreds evacuate.

    Thus far in 2012, wildfires have consumed roughly six million acres across the country, above the 10-year average of 4.9 million acres, figures from the National Interagency Fire Center show.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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