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Venezuela tanker truck fire leaves many dead

At least 13 killed as truck filled with gasoline overturns and catches fire, engulfing several cars and a bus.

    The bus was near the truck when the tanker exploded and caught fire [Reuters]

    At least 13 people have been killed and 16 others injured after a tanker truck filled with gasoline crashed and burst into flames, engulfing several cars and a bus in Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

    William Martinez, the Caracas fire chief, said on Thursday that the tanker truck flipped over and spilled gasoline, which ignited and burned seven vehicles.

    Rescue workers pulled victims' bodies from the blackened vehicles.

    Martinez said the tanker truck driver apparently lost control on the highway in Caracas but the cause of the accident was unclear.

    National police chief Luis Fernandez confirmed that about 16 people had been injured in the accident.


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