Politically divided Venezuela

Rallies for and against Hugo Chavez, the president, flood the streets of Caracas.

    Tens of thousands of Venezuelans opposed to Hugo Chavez, have taken to the streets of Caracas, blaming him for numerous problems in the country, including increased electricity blackouts, water rationing, and widespread crime.

    Saturday's rallies coincided with the 52nd anniversary of the uprising that toppled Venezuela's last dictator.

    Protesters accuse Chavez of dragging the country into a serious crisis as he continues to implement his socialist agenda.

    But his backers also turned out in force in the capital.

    Nationwide support for the president has declined in recent months, but polls show that he still maintains majority support.

    From Caracas, Al Jazeera's Diana Khatib reports on the politically divided Latin American country.  

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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